Embedded Generation (Power

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Embedded Generation (Power

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Demand for on-site and alternative power generation is growing, fueled by government and public pressure to increase generation from renewable sources and energy efficient plant, and by the potential economic benefits resulting from privatization and deregulation of the supply sector. This book is a practical, course-derived guide that covers all aspects of embedded (or dispersed) generation, from prime mover characteristics to network reliability modelling. Topics include power quality, protection, reliability and economics. It is essential reading for practicing engineers responsible for planning, designing or specifying embedded generation solutions.

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This new series of books from the IET brings together the engineering aspects of renewable energy technology, power generation and systems integration. Covering all aspects of renewable and sustainable power and highlighting the key principles behind each technology, its state of development and its relevance in the power industry. With energy and sustainability being areas of primary concern, these books are practical in approach and appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike, providing a thorough understanding to the economical and environmental issues as well as key engineering features.

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